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Welcome to "Ridge United Innovators Design Interior Design"!

We are a professional interior design team with extensive experience and creativity, specializing in creating an environment of understated luxury. Through clever spatial techniques, we reshape the contours of architecture, redefining the meaning of spaces.

At Ridge United Innovators Design, we believe that every space should reflect the owner's personality and needs. Whether it's residential design, office design, factory design, or commercial space design, we start with the client's desires and expectations, meticulously planning every detail to create a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing indoor environment. We delve deep into understanding the tastes and requirements of each client, transforming their dreams into tangible design solutions.

Since our establishment in 2009, we have consistently dedicated ourselves to shaping unique and unforgettable spatial environments for our clients. Our designers come from various professional backgrounds, including interior design, architecture, graphic design, and video editing. Together, we bring over 40 years of design and practical experience, infusing creativity and professional expertise into each project.

From initial concepts to final execution, our team provides full assistance, ensuring each step meets construction standards. We collaborate with commissioned architects, experienced construction teams, and quality control experts, ensuring the successful realization of every project. In residential planning, we center around adapting to changes in different life stages. For commercial or public space designs, we not only prioritize compliance with regulations and safety requirements but also gain insights into the profiles of target customers from a marketing perspective. In office or factory design, we begin by aligning with the establishment of corporate culture, making design an integral part of inspiring visions.

At Ridge United Innovators Design, our mission is to focus on achievement, bringing life's beauty into imagination, and allowing spaces to generate deeper human experiences. Regardless of the goals of your space design requirements, we approach them with profound attention, creativity, and professional spirit. If you're seeking a reliable and creative interior design team, please feel free to contact us.

Let's collaborate to create comfortable and beautiful classic spaces! Thank you for choosing Ridge United Innovators Design Interior Design!



Creative Director

Hsueh Tsai

Master of Interior Design, Chung Yuan Christian University

Third-term Chairman, Taiwan Provincial Association of Interior Design and Decoration Contractors' Union

Sixth-term Chairman, Taichung City Association of Interior Design and Decoration Contractors' Union (served from 1987 to 1990)

Professional technician with a license for interior decoration issued by the Construction and Planning Agency of the Ministry of the Interior, Taiwan (License No. 40E1001470)

Deputy Secretary-General, Taiwan Institute of Building Research and member of the Chinese Society of Interior Designer (CSID) and the Chinese Association of Interior Decoration Professionals (CAID).



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