Sunrise/The Dawn information

Embrace the Minimalist House.



The light erases the darkness such as your goodness fulfills everywhere;
Open your eyes, call your name and let the dawn re-appear forever.
The morning light gently bathes the house; there is no trace of chaos in the light, illuminating every corner as if to say good morning to each other!

The final rendering space reflects the personality and needs of the residents, while representing the mind of the designers. May you find the beauty that we didn’t discover.
We have processed this design project for its space design from its pre-sale, and the original structure of the builders’ scheme is a special mis-layered building, which makes our architect differ from the flat-style houses that have morecreative space possibilities.

Designers depend on the demands of the owner to provide six various floor layouts for discussions. On the flat, we divide the space into the public and the private, so that the owners can always entertain their friends and families without intruding in their personal life.
Adopting the ceiling design for the space separation from the entrance into the living and dining rooms, this makes the height of the living room more comfortable and higher. It has abandoned the wooden ceiling design and retained the original building’s four meters height, so that even a small space still keeps the comfort and spaciousness of luxury

The stairs area, adopting a vertical traffic flow boldly makes this space with an irregular rectangle empty space retain
the tall viewing windows of the original building with the iron stairs echoing the high and low misplaced wallboards.

Hence, the occupants not only enjoy the plentiful interpretations of light and shadow, but also make them feel less
congestion and oppression.

The open-plan study room with its multiple functions, including as a guest room with specially designed two open viewing windows, lets occupants wander in the space and interact with the restaurant and it greatly reduces the energy consumption of the air conditioning.
This project has a small space without a fancy design and under very limited budget creates and strengthens the nature of space, returns to the basic needs of people's lives for sunshine, air and water and finally returns to one self’s calm mind.

Construction Style - Elevator mansion
Housing Conditions - New Building
Ground Measurements -25 Ping/82.64 Square meters
Space Layout - Entrance, living room, open kitchen, open-plan study, master’s bedroom, storage room
Main Building Materials - Maple color, foggy surface paint, ultra-wear-resistant flooring, excellent white paint glass

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