Light Axis information

The spatial axis connects life with the light points of every part.

Light Axis/Chiahsin Hu Mansion, China

Space naturally creates an axis to link the light rails of the series of spaces; lights lead the order of life for the occupants instead of flashing randomly. We not only enjoy in order, but are also nourished and touched in this atmosphere.

The moments are connected by different lights and occupants shine in the release and freedom of love.

This project is one-layer for a one-family layout, by linear interpretation and artistic furnishings shaped out the overall atmosphere. Stepping out of the elevator, you will be welcomed by a calm color ladder hall, the ceiling design with inverted trapezoidal shape symbolizes the reunion and the wall is decorated mainly with dark wood.



Push the large double doors into the entrance and the main wall with its gold wire and plate with neat wall segmentation slowly extend to the public space.

The left aisle of the display cabinet links to the sinks of the public restroom, not only increasing the fun of this transition space, but also making the interior of the toilet more spacious and comfortable.


Study Room

Next is the study room with its linear divisions and the black and white building materials to present a more rational reading space.  The study can also function as a guest room, with its specially designed two doors. You can enter the living room from the other door, and it seems an interesting rectangular-ambulatory-plane traffic flow from a bird’s eye view, so that the occupants will feel more fun and convenience when getting in and out.


Living Room

According to the smooth traffic flow, when getting into the living room, your vision can extend directly to the dining room and kitchen. This public area has mainly a horizontal linear axis. We specially adopt the nature of space so the celling along the horizonal dynamic line divides the celling part, which not only connects three various spaces but also adds the guiding symbols to make the extraordinary atmosphere and have a more spacious and comfortable space.

The design style has a low luxurious profile that makes use of dark building materials with gold decorations to highlight the features of the space.



The occupants love wine tasting, and art and souvenir collection. In order to echo the overall atmosphere, the designers adopted titanium-plated crafts as hidden handles in all the unique display cabinets. Except for the attractive appearance of these cabinets, because of the requirements of the details and neatness, the overall appearance becomes the focus of space.


Master Bedroom

The material applications are extended from the public space to the master’s bedroom with more subversive of the previous design methods. The original octagonal flat space is divided by the sloped ceiling to create the various layered senses of the horizontal lines. The entrance wall extends to the sofa rest area with diversified materials. The ceiling and wall surface have different visual feelings so that you will have visual effects and these will lead you to the main area.


Guest Room

With its warm colors, this space is different from the others in order to make guests feel at home. Vertical division as the interpretation for the overall design, although it seems like a single line split, the wear-resistant floor oblique paste way breaks the paste rules and shows a livelier aspect.



Construction Style - Elevator mansion

Housing Conditions - New Building

Ground Measurements - 90 Ping/27.23 square meters including public area

Space Layout - Entrance, living room, open-plan kitchen and dining room, study and guest room (multipurpose), master’s bedroom, bedroom 1, pet room

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