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榮獲2018 華人金創獎 2018 TAIWAN GOOD DESIGN AWARD 別墅複層類 銅獎

入圍 中國 艾特獎IDEA-TOPS AWARD 最佳住宅建築設計


Yi-Guang (Venue: Taichung, Hu Mansion)

The light in the night appears gentle but powerful in the darkness.

What looks does a “Home” need? We often explore as well as attempt to create images that interpret “Home,” yet “Home” provides a venue for family gatherings and the strength for stability, which no one can define or evaluate with words. The various venues in “Yi-Guang” feature different spatial personalities yet still existsin harmony, just like a family originating from the same DNA, yet unable to hide the individual unique thoughts and nature, as we all are of individual unique existence. Parents strive hard for their children, children grow up and soar with the flow of time. We constantly search for the unconventional messages in the world as well as experience the different situations, and light is no longer the “sun” that exists in the impression, but may also be the warm hand when we are feeling vulnerable. When sensing the light in the dark-color toned space, it features a calming and warm strength; when sensing light in a white space, it is peace and anticipation that arise spontaneously. The various light scenes experienced in this space resemble the various types of interpretations towards light,and the desire of returning home for the family members’ who are separated in different places.

【Mobile Life - Garage】-- The designer puts in a lot of effort to create the comfortable guest-welcoming space for the proprietor, which of course includes the garage. The folded titanium-plated ceiling design in the space implies the concepts of guidance and returning, not only accentuating strong modern style,but further enhancing spatial brightness and the degree of comfort. Other than the shape for such transitional space, we further emphasize on many practical functions, amongst these, the team chose activated diatomaceous earth from Japan for the human body living quality affected by automobile exhaustion, such unique coating is mainly used in the bathroom space in the market. With the knowledge towards the material, we have applied such zero energy constructional materials as the ceiling surface materials in the garage, which not only deodorizesbut may also regulate the humidity within the space, as well as absorb VOC and provide heat insulation.

【Soul Center in the Home – Living/Dining Room】-- The public space on the second floor includes the livingroom, the dining room andthe kitchen, the open-style space utilizes partitions to separate the two main areas, while ingeniously applying designs such as lighting, angles anddistances to form different visual effects, creating the highlight when entering the living room from the gate, while also satisfying the privacy demanded by the proprietor.

The designer included characteristic black artificial stone tiles according to the proprietor’s needs and personality, allowing the television wall to extend towards the entire public area, thereby making the spaceappear more gracious. Moreover, the segmentation design of the floor and ceiling is used as the circulation guidance, such that the overall modern style is still maintained even with the diversified spatial elements and constructional materials, which more comprehensively demonstrated the designer’s original ideas.

【White and Clean Life – Secondary Master Bedroom】--

The bright and pure white material goes with all types of living scenarios; the peaceful and tranquil atmosphere resembles white paper, endowing people with a pure heart. Taking on each and every repeated ordeal and trial, waiting patiently for the arrival of each ray of light to sprinkle inside the house are such wonderful and happy days! One may cast aside the worries temporarily to enjoy the pure white moments within the space.

【Cross-Boundary Life – Master Bedroom】--

No one wants to be defined by the box, and no one’s heart wants to be restrained, so wouldn’t it be the same for spatial planning? Between us exists standards and rules, and the boundary set by what appears to be a thick and solid wall is not an estrangement, and will not become the secret in between, as we are allowed to come and go freely inside the room, symbolizing the hearts that connect closely with each other.

【Wooden Life – Foreign Helper’s Room】--

Wood is used as the main material in the space, while vertical segmentation is applied for the main wall at the head of the bed with lines at different distances to demonstrate the well-proportioned arrangement, resembling unevenly matched trees in front of the eyes, such that one may almost feel the natural order and tranquil atmosphere.

【Pink Life – Guest Room】--

Romanticdrama is always a part of girls’ hearts, and the girls’ internal emotions are also demonstrated one by one through the evolution of the space. Liberate the secret inside the closet, escape from the closed thinking approach in the past to show the girl’s garments as if a display shelf, while also demonstrating the lively yet characteristic pink and bluish-green colors, which is cute yet also dashing, thereby accentuating the space owner’s personality.

Building type – Double-unit housing with elevator

House conditions – New house

Area – 314 square meters

Spatial layout – Four-suite villa

Main constructional materials – Uni Ceramics tiles, steel structure, titanium-plating, imported wallcoverings, solid wooden floor, veneer boards 

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