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Give the kiss to the warm sun for a moment.

the sorrow of the shadow.

Depicting the fluctuating emotional states in life, from the warmth of a kiss to the melancholy of shadows, it reflects the transitions and changes in mood.

However, these emotional fluctuations are actually beautiful experiences in life. Life has vitality because of its ups and downs, and growth happens through turning points.

Therefore, whether it's joy or sorrow, it is a precious and cherished moment when shared with our own time. Let us be grateful for life, cherish every moment, and inject more vitality and beauty into our lives.


This high-ceilinged old apartment located in the prime area of West District, Taichung City has experienced 26 years of bustling times.

After undergoing a renovation, it has been given a new lease of life and transformed into a brand-new residential experience, bringing customers a fresh feeling and enjoyment.

The renovation was carefully designed and thought out, adopting a modern design style to turn the old apartment into a fashionable, modern, and practical living environment. Upon entering, you can feel its uniqueness, with high ceilings and spacious space creating an open atmosphere that makes you feel comfortable and at ease.

In terms of interior design, the entire space has been carefully planned, with every corner fully utilized. The designer ingeniously uses a minimalist style to make the interior space more practical and comfortable. Equipment and facilities are also fully equipped, with high-quality appliances, furniture, and mattresses, allowing you to enjoy a premium living experience.

In addition to the indoor environment, the external environment here is also excellent. There are many commercial districts, restaurants, and entertainment venues around, allowing you to fully enjoy the city's hustle and bustle and fun. Transportation is also very convenient, with nearby bus and MRT stations, allowing you to easily reach anywhere.

In conclusion, this high-ceilinged old apartment has been given a new lease of life, becoming a brand-new residential experience that allows customers to enjoy a high-quality living experience. If you are looking for a fashionable, modern, and comfortable living environment, this is definitely your best choice. Let's enjoy this wonderful living experience together!

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