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Today (6/17) Co-organized: # Space Healing Aesthetics Salon

Selected by the design director #Tsai Muyin on site

Through the # New York Furniture Design Center, providing [Arc], [Curve] design element furniture items,

Sharing a classic aesthetic element that is essential for space

Thank the association and every event guest.



"The imprint in our hearts may be soft, hard, rigid, or crazy."


👉Through the connection of shape, color, and material, they perform as various characters, giving each exhibit different meanings. Despite the differences, each element appears in a unique form, leaving a strong memory through texture, color, and shape.

Just like the young generation of MZ, they have a distinct personality and clear thinking, but they boldly pursue their aspirations for future life in a self-deprecating way. In the transition of each generation, let us bring unity and openness to relationships and accept each other's unique aesthetics. Whether in the current or crossing generations, accepting each other is a healing process, allowing us to truly embrace our own likes and dislikes.

👉The space features three major focal points using furniture brands such as Connubia, AERRE, and JORI that embody different personalities. The main visual highlight is a combination of simple and sleek curves with bold colors. Each piece of furniture showcases a unique aspect of MZ generations' lifestyle aesthetics, pursuing a high-quality life and personal breakthrough. The blend of different brands creates a one-of-a-kind style.

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