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2014 IDCF TOP 10 Hotel Design

Just as light imbues space with abundant vitality, Vitality represents a continuous stream of sincerity, Reputation and the belief in putting customers first, In city travel, looking for a corner of yearning, A beautiful journey is nothing more than the scene of your lingering, Through professional, dedicated, and attentive service, It is the core value of the Grand Fortune Hotels;

Fu-Shin will write different poems in the journey with the guests together, With a service attitude of safety, wealth, dignity, and elegance.

A new star in the hotel industry with European classical architecture, The first five-star hotel in the Nangang area, Provides accommodations for business executives and foreign travelers, Therefore, the hardware and software equipment are of international hotel standards, With a more affordable price.

First Five-Star Hotel in the Xizhi-Nangang Area.

Taipei Fu-shin Hotel is located in Taipei, Taiwan.

The building is three stories underground and thirteen stories above ground.

Located in the heart of the area with convenient transportation by three MRTs.

Design started in April 2010.

Construction was completed on April 30, 2013.

Opened on July 26, 2013.

Base area: 5002.16 m²

Building area: 2130.30 m²

Total floor area: 29162.56 m² of concrete building.

Provides a five-star hotel with a diverse range of services,

Promoting Taiwan tourism and creating a high-quality and comfortable social space.





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