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This work has won. NOVUM DESIGN AWARD (NDA) 2022金獎、Muse Awards 2022金獎、Berlin Design Awards 2022銀獎

Land of Dawn

2022 MUSE Design Awards. GOLD WINNER

Interior Design - International Residential - Exec BERLIN Design Awards 2022

Novum Design Award WINNER |GOLDEN |Interior Design Category



The design team has mastered the details of the space and planned each area with a smooth traffic flow, color tone, and lighting to show the good space utilization and beauty of the spacious house. The space has a pure and natural atmosphere, complemented by an overlapping layout of dark and light layers, highlighting the progressive visual layers between areas. Under the same tone of different materials, the interplay of the dawn, the blazing sun, and the dusk, the elegant and warm house with the client's personality and characteristics are shown. Once the client enters the room, he or she can feel the quiet and relaxing mood of the space.

The goal was to redefine the spacious space and give it a brand-new feel through design ingenuity. The design team started from the ceiling of the living room in the public area to present a rounded and progressive low-key tension through the overlapping arcs, which produce a clear visual direction and create a rich visual change. In addition, the design team has used curved surfaces, wood, and curved lines to eliminate Feng-Shui concerns and achieve a harmonious design. Moreover, the design team also used the staggered configuration of screens and storage cabinets to expand the depth of visual penetration and lead the changes in space, which not only conforms to the client's habits but also achieves a highly consistent space.

The main wall of the living room is covered with wood veneer while the TV wall is covered with stone system panels, which not only harmonizes the material with other details but also has a perfect storage function. On the other hand, the TV wall is constructed with large tiles underneath to enrich the texture and show a delicate space.

The design team overcame the limitations of the original space through materials and lighting to create a warm and temperate spatial context and show its uniqueness. In this project, the design team has gone beyond the common limitations of the original space to create a visual and tactile calmness and carve out a space that matches the character of the client.

To meet the needs of the family, the parents' room is designed to fit in with the existing elegant and vintage furniture. Meanwhile, the design of the second bedroom and study room considers the future change in advance, preserving the flexibility for new family members. Due to the different generations of the client, the preference of the intended users of each space is different. The design team used delicate materials to create a consistent tone and achieve a unique style.

Completion time: October, 2021. Location in: Taichung City,Taiwan.

The concept of using façades to divide the different areas was adopted, and the technique of using consistent yet contrasting materials was employed. Through the delicate and detailed use of materials, a warm and elegant space atmosphere is created. The main wall of the living room sofa is covered with wood veneer, while the TV wall is covered with a dark-toned stone-like panel system, which not only creates consistency with other details, but also provides functional storage. Large brick tiles are used to construct the table under the TV wall, adding a touch of nature to the space and showcasing a luxurious and delicate spatial ambiance. As for the corridor between the living room and dining room, it is decorated with metal-framed glass sliding doors, curved marble pattern screens, and curved glass layouts, which retain the possibility of functionality and a smooth feeling, perfectly presenting a space image that combines practicality and aesthetics.



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