Minimalism or luxury? What do I like? information

If you like elements of modern, minimal, and luxury, you may want to try the modern luxury style.


What is the "Affordable Luxury" style?


The concept of "Affordable Luxury" was first introduced by Coach in 2008. Luxury brands started offering more affordable products to attract new customers and target the market of young professionals. This trend initially started in the fashion industry and has since spread to various design fields.

In interior design, "Affordable Luxury" has been translated to "modern luxury," which has a different meaning than the original concept. It emphasizes on lighter luxury, minimal luxury, etc. In the past, luxury styles were characterized by classical elements and lavish materials, using expensive and elaborate building materials and lines.

Modern luxury simplifies luxury styles and focuses on presenting texture instead of complicated decorations. It adds luxurious elements to modern and minimalist spaces, like spices adding an unforgettable flavor to a dish.

The modern luxury style is both an addition and subtraction.

Modern luxury is a combination of modern and minimalist elements with touches of luxury. It's a style that balances simplicity and sophistication, creating spaces that are both functional and elegant.

Light luxury refers to luxury that has been simplified, stripped of its ornate and excessive decorations, and focused more on presenting quality and texture. It prioritizes the essence of luxury rather than its appearance, creating a more refined and understated look.

1. Make effective use of building materials and decorative elements to enhance.

Though metal and stone materials give off a cold and hard impression, they are also rich in texture and have a sense of quality. The wood grain has a warm characteristic, and a mirror surface can provide a magnifying effect for the space. By utilizing the characteristics, proportions, and colors of building materials such as metal, stone, wood grain, and mirror surfaces, the space creates a focal point and the combination of stone with a shiny surface and metal gives off a luxurious feeling. The mirror and metal reflections shape the sense of space, and the clever use of color and proportion presents the protagonist of the space, and decorative embellishments enhance the texture of the details.




2. Constraint and Supporting Role

In material selection, adjust the balance of the space. The details of the constraint and the material of the supporting role must not be neglected. Although modern luxury is "light", it can be seen here that it is different from minimalism.



3. Soft Furnishing and Furniture Matching

The selection of modern style furniture is a key point that can brighten up the space. The matching of soft furnishings' colors can balance the cold and hard feelings of metal and stone, making the overall temperature and texture of the space balanced.



Modern luxury is a style that relatively showcases the designer's skill. Understanding the characteristics and applications of each material for matching, the light entering the space is reflected through the material, mastering the overall color tone and temperature of the space. Let the designer help you achieve a luxurious and textured life.


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