Why should I hire an interior designer? information

The answer to the question actually lies in one's imagination of the space. By using a space expectation thermometer to see what effects can be achieved through collaboration with an interior designer, one can determine whether or not they should hire a designer.

⁕First type: Pursuit of aesthetics, expectation of space is maximized.

With a pursuit of aesthetics and expectations for space, one hopes to achieve breakthrough innovations in design. Of course, finding a designer is essential to realize the imagination of space.

Each space has its unique personality that comes from its own scale. How to turn this personality into a style is achieved by the designer through different design vocabularies implemented in their work. Under the combination of the two main axes of each space's possibilities and needs, each work is unique.

Of course, finding a suitable designer is another major topic, which we can discuss and share next time!

⁕Second type: Likes a certain style.

Thanks to the rise of social media, the style of design has constantly developed diverse looks, allowing many public and private spaces to be seen. During the process of research, one's preference for style becomes increasingly stronger, hoping to experience the same enjoyment brought by the style of the space.

What a designer can bring to you is a unique touch through the handling of details, amidst the uniformity within the same style. This allows for the achievement of both the pursuit of style and the recognition of uniqueness.

Regarding style, we will continue to share in other articles as different designers have different views. Let's see how our designers perceive it!


⁕Third type: Pursuits of space storage, traffic flow, and functionality.


Most of the homeowners who actively seek out designers are aware of the importance of space design and know that through proper planning, spaces can achieve an ideal state. However, it seems that there are some alternative solutions. Is there a need to find a designer?

There are actually many alternative options, such as designing and contracting oneself, or commissioning carpenters, painters, system cabinet makers, kitchen equipment makers, curtain makers, or material sellers who also offer interior decoration services. But why find a designer?

In fact, the answer is very obvious from the perspective of alternative solutions. The designer's expertise is comprehensive and can save time, effort, and brain cells, albeit at a slightly higher cost. A space that has undergone design planning is not only aesthetically pleasing but also far superior in texture to what alternative options can present. The attention to detail in design, the professional knowledge provided during the planning process, the ability to propose alternative options during budget confirmation, and the overall consideration of the construction process, including scheduling, details, and interface coordination between different trades, are all aspects where designers excel.

Designers are so useful, so why not find one to discuss your project with us.

⁕Fourth type: Without clear goals, do I need to find a designer?

The renovation process is not short, and the use of space afterwards is even longer. If there is no reliable navigator in the middle of the journey, it is like a ship sailing in the sea without a compass. The ship can always sail, and there will always be a day to dock.

The difference is whether the process is completed under wonderful teamwork and brainstorming, or drifting aimlessly and accidentally docking, and the difference between them.

If there is no clear goal, it is even more necessary to find a designer. A designer can bring a different perspective to the space, match the personality of the space itself, break through the limitations of general thinking, and present various possibilities. A space that has been designed not only spends money worthily, but also makes the space more valuable.


⁕Fifth type: I just want to place event furniture.


Even if you just want to arrange furniture for an event, you can still seek the help of a designer!

In fact, during the design process, one of the final steps is arranging furniture, which includes considerations such as the size, style, and color coordination of the furniture. The furniture plan is like the final piece of the puzzle.

There is a new emerging profession called soft decoration matching, which focuses on this area. Our designer is also a member of the Asia Pacific Space Design and Decoration Association, and is as skilled in soft decoration matching as putting together a puzzle.

In summary, designers are more inclined towards the personalized service industry, with broad and deep expertise that requires accumulation of experience and talent for aesthetics.

Depending on different levels of needs, adjustments can be made flexibly. Designers can provide a lot of assistance in many aspects, so contact us now!


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