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After the initial discussion, the interior design commission is entrusted to us After receiving the first planning fee, our company will proceed with the initial floor plan configuration. If the customer still has other plans after the initial discussion, the first phase will be considered as the fee for the initial drawings and discussion of ideas by Qunfeng United Creation, and will not be refunded.


1.Survey and negotiation.
  • Site survey to understand the customer's design style and preferences in terms of design requirements.
2.Floor planning
  • Signing (the details of the subsequent stage fee collection are listed in the contract).
  • Initial floor plan configuration
3.Style confirmation
  • Exclusive Style Presentation
4.3D visualization simulation
  • 3D simulation drawings.
5.Detail establishment
  • Finalize the details based on the agreed design, complete all necessary detailed drawings and specifications, discuss and confirm materials application with the client during the process.
6.Cost analysis
  • Based on the design construction drawings from the final agreement, conduct project cost estimation (actual quotation is subject to final discussion).
  • Construction quotation recognition
7.Construction work
  • Construction personnel enter the site and carry out construction work based on the established construction drawings; and construction supervision, to ensure the quality of the construction.
8.Handover completion.
  • Hand over and inspection with the owner.

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