Before contacting an interior design company, the three key points to keep in mind are... information

To speed up communication between both parties: Three key points to keep in mind!

Most people feel overwhelmed when faced with their first home renovation, especially when searching the web, magazines, and video platforms. Finally, after finding a favorite style in this blooming renovation case, they fall into the chaos of ideals and budgets. How should you communicate with a designer for your own home in order to accelerate communication between both parties?

We provides three key points to keep in mind when working with a design company:


⁕ 1. Clearly express your needs and style: Clearly communicate your design style preferences, functional requirements, and specific requests to the designer. This will help the designer understand your vision and create a design that meets your expectations.

Share your ideas and preferences: Professional interior designers have extensive experience with floor area, layout, number of users, and needs. In addition to providing this basic information, sharing your thoughts and preferences about your lifestyle is also important in the design process. No matter what kind of space it is, long-term stay requires clarity of self-needs, so don't be stingy about sharing your ideas. Maybe through words, poems, paintings, colors, styles, or a movie, the designer can find more possibilities to incorporate into the space through the owner's sharing. Not only does communication create a unique space, but also adds warmth to your home through these storytelling elements.


⁕2. The second key point for a smooth communication process with the designer is to have clear and fluent communication.

It is important to be open and transparent with the designer about your needs and preferences, as well as to provide them with as much information as possible about the space and its intended usage. Additionally, actively listening and being willing to compromise can help ensure a successful outcome.


⁕3. Indicate the budget range for the renovation in advance.

Interior designers usually try their best to complete the space design that the owner wants based on the information, preferences, imagination, and budget range provided by the owner. Indicating the budget range at the beginning of the discussion can make the ideas practical to implement. If the budget is not enough after both parties have talked about it, the design has been drawn and the budget has been estimated, it is just a waste of time. If the budget is presented from the beginning, the designer can also provide the most suitable design plan for you based on the budget you provide during the planning process.



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