Elegance Within and Beauty Outside information

The office reception area design features a light gray patterned tile floor, walls partitioned with transparent gray glass and black frame decorations, creating a fashionable work atmosphere with added energy and calmness.

The ceiling features simple, sleek suspended lights, with black and white stainless steel lines as decorations, adding a touch of modernity.

The lighting is soft and uniform, pursuing practicality, clarity, and fluency.


The office area features modern black-painted office desks with wooden surfaces, combining simplicity and technology seamlessly, creating a harmonious and refreshing visual impact. The pure black ceiling creates a tense, serious, and diligent working atmosphere, while the combination of pendant lights and tube lights with warm light creates a relaxing, comfortable, and warm psychological state. The bold attempt to balance these two extremes results in a unique and appealing aesthetic that allows people to work efficiently and comfortably in the office.

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