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If a residential space is warm and emotional, a place for rest and relaxation, then an office space is a rational work environment that reflects the unique character and brand image of a company.

The design of the public areas in this project prioritizes humanization, humanism, and sensibility.

The layout of each public area takes into consideration the functional requirements and daily traffic patterns of employees, striving for a practical and functional layout that incorporates humanistic management. The design style of the commercial space is interpreted as "modern style."

On the third floor, there is a diverse and humanistic design concept displayed in the public area, which includes a VIP room, employee leisure area, hot food area, dining and washroom area, etc. The fourth floor includes a semi-private open office area, the CEO and manager offices, file room, and various sized conference rooms.

The design of the office space is determined by the nature of the area and its purpose, and a good design can directly impact a customer's impression of a company and its brand. The first floor features a visually stunning display area with bright blue and yellow colors that are eye-catching. The products are displayed in large, round shapes that are elevated, creating a strong visual impact and drawing attention.

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